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Professional Design Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine Detail:

1. Stainless steel pipe specification:

1) Standard:GB/T13296、T14975、T14976、T12771、T12770、T3624、T3625、T21832、 T21833, ASTM/ASME A213/SA213、A249/SA249、A268、A312/SA312、A269、SB407、SB423、SB444、SB619、 SB622、SB626、SB668、SB677、SB829, JIS G3459、G3446、G3447、G3448、G3459、G3463、G3468, DIN 17455、17456、17457、17458, EN 10216-5、10217-7, GOST/NFA etc.;
2) Materials:201, 202, 301(1Cr17Ni17), 304(0Cr18Ni9), 304L(00Cr19Ni10), 321(1Cr18Ni9Ti), TP316L(0Cr17Ni12Mo2), 316L(00Cr17Ni14Mo2), 310S(0Cr25Ni20), 317L(00Cr19Ni13Mo3), N08904(904L), S31254(6MO), N08367(6MO), S30432, S31042 etc.;

3) Specification:
a. Stainless seamless steel pipe:
OD:1/2″ – 30″;
WT:Sch10 – Sch80;
Length:1m – 12m;
Production process:  Hot rolling, cold rolling, cold drawing, extrusion.
b. Stainless welded steel pipe:
OD:1/2″ – 80″;
WT:Sch5 – Sch80;
Length:1m – 18m;

4) End type: bare and thread;

5) Sectional shape: round pipe, rectangular pipe, diamond tube, oval tube, the six-party control, octagon tube and various sections of asymmetric tube;

6) Application: Petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, power, paper, food, military, machinery, water treatment and other industries

2 Common stainless steel pipe
Materials Photo Size Characteristic Application
201   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
 Acid, alkali, high density without pinholes and other characteristics Mainly used as decoration pipe, industrial pipe, some of the light stretching of the products
202   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, high temperature performance, process performance, decorative and other comprehensive excellent performance Civilian building decoration, household appliance, kitchen equipment and utensils, transportation, environmental protection, municipal construction; military aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, ship; industrial chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum, textile, printing, paper, energy
301   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Cold when the tensile strength and hardness increased, non-magnetic, but magnetic after cold working Trains, aircraft, conveyors, vehicles, bolts, springs, screen
302   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
After cold forming high strength, elongation, but somewhat less than 1Cr17Ni7  Architectural decorative components
304   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Good hot and cold workability Food equipment, general chemical equipment, atomic energy industry equipment parts, etc.
304L   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Lower carbon content than 304 steel, excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion Household goods (1,2 tableware, cabinets, indoor pipes, water heaters, boilers, bath), auto parts (windshield wipers, mold products), medical equipment, building materials, chemical, food industry, agriculture, ship parts
321   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Persistent high strength, high oxidation resistance, and good organizational stability hydraulic prop tube Widely used as pipeline fluids, such as transportation of oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials, pipes, etc.
316   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Corrosion resistance than 301 stainless steel with good corrosion resistance in pulp and paper production process performance Widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instruments and other industrial pipes and mechanical and other structural components
316L   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
Annealing and need not be of use for maximum corrosion resistance after welding in
Usually used to manufacture chemicals, fertilizers and chemical fiber and other industrial equipment, such as vessels, piping and structural parts
310S   OD:21.3 mm – 762.0 mm
WT:1.5  mm – 80 mm
With good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, because a higher percentage of chromium and nickel, 310s has a much better creep strength at high temperature continuous peration, has good heat resistance  Widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures, also used for the production of a variety of conventional weapons, the barrel, shells and so on
3. 2PE/ 3PE anti-corrosion and single-layer PE anticorrosive

1).3PE anticorrosive:
Three-layer structure of PE pipe corrosion: the first layer of powder epoxy (FBE> 100um),the second layer of adhesive ( AD) 170~250um, a third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5~3.7mm. Three materials integration, and with the steel firm to form an excellent coating.
Diameter range of Φ60~Φ14202).2PE anti-corrosion steel pipe:
PE pipe corrosive story structure, the first layer of adhesive (AD), a second layer of polyethylene (PE), the same as the standard blend of two materials, the thickness of layers with three PE: SY/ T0413-2002 buried steel pipeline polyethylene coating technology standards GB/ T23257-2009 buried steel pipeline polyethylene coating technology standards

3). Single PE anti-corrosion steel:
single layer PE is the use of anti-corrosion steel curtain coating process ( also known as curtain method), the steel pipe after rotation frequency heating, steel top is fitted with a polyethylene powder container by pouring dusted steel tube surface polyethylene coating.

4). 3PE anticorrosive and external single PE anticorrosive performance comparison

performance comparison Outer 3PE FBE epoxy pipe Outer single polyethylene pipe
Sintered outer coating process Wrapped three-layer structure Curtain method, curtain coating, single
Anti-corrosion structure The middle layer is adhesive, outer-storey-density polyethylene Single layer polyethylene, low density polyethylene
Coating thickness 2.5-4mm 1-1.5mm
Adhesion Strong Generally, intolerance boiled
Performance Corrosion resistance, wear resistance Impact general, intolerance scratches
Defect No Easy to pinholes, leveling uneven apperance

4. Coal tar epoxy

1). Composition:
The product is formulated with an epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, anti-rust pigments, additives, modified amine from. Products with rapid drying, good adhesion, flexibility, and easy two-component packaging and construction. With acid, alkali, salt, water, oil etc.

2).Characteristics and Uses:

①The paint combination of high mechanical strength epoxy resin adhesive force, erosion and chemical resistance characteristics of asphalt water-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-plant roots, is a high performance anti-corrosion insulation coating, the products are Good chemical resistance, water resistance.

②suitable for oil, gas and water pipelines, water, gas, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants and pipeline corrosion of equipment, may be used as antiseptic and mining offshore oil rigs and underwater portion of the ship , corrosion downhole equipment.

3). Coat corrosion
 High-density polyethylene jacket anticorrosive structure: the outer surface of the pipe wrapped high density polyethylene material with high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, can protect the pipe to avoid the transportation, installation and use of the process due to external factors damage caused. Manufacturing outer casing should be added antioxidants, UV stabilizers, and carbon black. Polyethylene outer tube easy to aging, such as open storage and other objects appropriate to tarp covered dumps should be kept away from heat and ignition sources, made after anti-corrosion steel, prohibit exposure, quenched, or polyethylene outer tube easy to crack, the impact of product performance and service life.

4). The process has been the duty epoxy powder coating using electrostatic spraying. Since epoxy powder Jin Su troubled by adhesion, epoxy powder dip has not been able to promote. Current come with three coconut epoxy powder dip developed special phosphate solution, for the first time to overcome the adherence problem epoxy powder dip process, began to dip epoxy powder of this emerging technology.

5). corrosion standards

FBE epoxy powder preservative execution SY / T0315-2005 《steel pipeline single FBE topcoat technical specifications》

 2PE / 3PE preservative execution GB / T23257-2009 《buried steel pipeline polyethylene outer coating technology standards》
 Anticorrosive surface rust criteria: the outer surface of steel pipe sand-blasting by GB / T8923-2008 requirements of Sa2 1/2 grade steel anchor profile of the surface of 40-100μm.

6). Applications
Anti-corrosion steel base material including spiral, straight seam pipe, seamless pipe, etc., are widely used in our long-distance water, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heating, sewage treatment, water, bridges, steel, marine water piling pipeline engineering.
7). Advantages
①improve the life of the steel pipe;
②combination of mechanical strength and plastic pipe corrosion resistance in one;
③outer coating of 2.5mm or more, scratch resistance, bump;
④inner wall of the friction coefficient is small, 0.0081-0.091, reduce energy consumption;
⑤the inner walls meet the national health standards;
⑥smooth wall is not easy scaling, self-cleaning function。

Product detail pictures:

Professional Design
 Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine detail pictures

Professional Design
 Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine detail pictures

Professional Design
 Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine detail pictures

Professional Design
 Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine detail pictures

Professional Design
 Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine detail pictures

Professional Design
 Stainless steel pipe – Tube Honing Machine detail pictures

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