What material is used for anti-corrosion

Pipeline anti-corrosion materials are divided Into pipeline-themed anti-corrosion materials and their corresponding mending materials. The main body anti-corrosion mainly includes petroleum pitch, epoxy coal piteh, anti-corrosion cold-wrapped tape, epoxy powder PE coating, and PP coating.
Commonly used mending methods include petroleum asphalt mending, epoxy coal tar mending, anti-corrosive cold-wrapped tape, epoxy powder mending, and PE heat shrinkable material mending.
f the main body of the pipeline is a three-layer PE composite structure, the joint material is three-layer PE heats shrinkable joint material.
The patch of single-layer epoxy powder coating can adopt three methods: epoxy powder; primer + anti-corrosive cold-wrapped tape, and PE heat-shrink patch.

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Post time: Jul-31-2020
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