What is the reason for high temperature resistance of stainless steel welded pipe?

The conosion resistance and heat resistance of high temperature stainless steel welded pipes depend on chromium but since chromium is one of the components of steel, high temperature stainless steel welded pipes are different.
When the amount of chromium added reaches 10.5%, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of steel is significantly improved, but the chromium content is high, but the corrosion resistance is still improved, but not obvious. The reason is that the steel treated with chromium alloy, the surface of the high temperature stainless steel tube is oxidized to form oxides similar to those formed on the surface of pure metal chromium. This tightly adhered chromium oxide protects the surface from further oxidation.
The oxide layer is very thin, and the natural luster of the steel surface can be seen through it, so that the high temperature stainless steel pipe has a unique surface. Moreover, if the surface is damaged, the exposed steel surface and atmosphere of the high-temperature stainless steel welded pipe will repair itself forming a “film” and continue to play a protective role.

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Post time: Jul-22-2020
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