What is difference between butt welding flange and flat welding flange

Butt welding flange is that the diameter and wall thickness of the interface end are the same as the pipe to be welded, just like the two pipes.
The flat welding flange is a recess that is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe at the interface, and the pipe is inserted and welded.
Butt welding has better welding performance and less corrosion.
Flat welding and butt welding are welding methods when flanges and pipes are connected. When welding flat welding flanges, only one side welding is needed, and the inner mouth of the peipe and flange connection is not needed. Welding installation of butt welding flange requires double flanges. Face welding. Therefore, flat welded flanges are generally used in low and medium pressure pipelines. Butt welding is used to reduce stress concentration. The common butt welding flanges are mostly necked flanges, also called nipple flanges. Therefore, the installation cost, labor cost and auxiliary material cost of the welding flange are igher, because there is one more process.

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Post time: May-11-2020
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