What are the main factors affecting the service life of anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe ?

What are the main factors affecting the service life of anti-corrosion Insulation steel pipe ?
1.The insulation layer , eccentric, that s. the polyurethane insulation layer is not concentric with the steel pipe, and the insulation thickness is uneven. In severe cases, the outer plastic can be softened and damaged.
2.damage caused by improper use, vulnerable to damage during transportation and installation, insufficient depth from the ground after burying, or soft soil on the upper soil and road, causing damage to the load vehicle after crushing,
3.the interface is not properly handled, in the process of pipe laying and installation, the two pipes are not tightly welded to cause water seepage, or in the process of “filling the mouth”, the operation is not serious and the external sewage is infiltrated and infiltrated into the insulation layer.
4.The plastic and polyurethane insulation pipes used are unreasonable. For example, it is often found that the plastic pipes that have been sorted and disassembled are not plasticized and the outer pipe is deteriorated. The low density of the polyurethane insulation tube results in low strength, which is damaged during the handling process. In addition, the free acid contained in the system is too high, causing corrosion on the outer wall of the steel pipe.

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Post time: Feb-01-2021
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