Type of Weld

Butt weld: full extent by the weld metal into the base metal penetration butt welds and Incomplete penetration butt welds. How much can not meet the needs of diameter penetration butt weld force is small, and there are severe stress concentration. Penetration butt wold butt weld short. To facilitate construction, construction quality assurance, guarantee full base metal butt weld cracks, slope take different forms according to the mouth of the plate thickness. When the gap is too large (3 – 6mm) when, in the V-shaped seam and unilateral V-shaped slit, I set a plate-shaped slit below (arc plate) to prevent molten metal flow, and root penetration. To ensure the quality of welding, weld ends to prevent the groove to reduce stress concentration on the dynamic load, after the weld, if not affect its use, both ends can be left on the weldment, or should be cut after completion of welding.
Fillet weld: subbase member board edge does not have to finish, plate seamless weld metal filled directly at right angles or oblique area within two weldments formed. Right angle weld size at right angles to the side is called weld leg size, the smaller the size of the edge represented by hf. To ensure weld quality, should select the appropriate size of the fillet. If the weld leg size is too small, the welding is not strong, especially in the weld ment is too thick, easy to crack; if weld leg size is too large, especially when the weldment is too thin, easy to burn penetration, another time when welding welt, easy to produce undercut.

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Post time: Jan-27-2021
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