The “fourteenth five-year” steel industry must pass the “five customs” and “six downs”

“In the face of future development, the steel industry should adhere to the supply-side structural reform as the main line and accelerate the development of high-quality. During the ’14th Five-Year’ period, at least ‘five customs’ and ‘six’ lowerings must be passed, that is, over-capacity and layout. Close, green, quality, and efficiency; reduce expectations, reduce leverage, reduce emissions, reduce personnel, reduce risks, and reduce costs.” Recently, in the 2019 (10th) China Steel Development Forum, metallurgical industry planning research Li Xinchuang, dean of the hospital, said that after the gratifying achievements of 2018, the development of the steel industry was not optimistic, and the steel industry needed more work and efforts.

Yin Ruizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also pointed out that China’s steel industry has many problems of unbalanced development and insufficient development, such as resource and energy structure problems, less consumption of steel per ton of steel, and excessive consumption of iron ore and coal; and process structure, proportion of blast furnace-converter process Large, small proportion of electric furnace short process; ecological environmental protection debts are too much, technical support is not enough; quality brand awareness is weak, only pay attention to individual varieties, neglect the stability, reliability and practicability of large-scale product quality; regional layout is not Reasonable and disorderly development; the innovation system has not yet been fully formed, the innovation investment is insufficient; the enterprise debt is heavy and the benefits are poor; the enterprise development strategy management and environmental ecological governance measures need to be strengthened.

“Only by correctly understanding the stage of the development of the steel industry, we can clearly and concretely plan and implement the next step in the industry, from the national level, industry level, and enterprise level.” Li Xinchuang said that no one can deny that steel is still The most important industrial materials are not replaceable in the foreseeable future. Because of their importance in the national economy, China has strong and stable steel demand. “In short, in the next five years, even if the growth rate slows down, China’s steel products will maintain a large market demand situation and provide strong support for the development of the steel industry.”

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Post time: Apr-09-2019
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