Steel prices fall, steel mills rise, a new wave of rebound is brewing…

Seamless pipes: On August 10, domestic seamless pipes ran smoothly as a whole, and some areas made up 50 yuan. According to the monitoring data of the Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform, the average price of seamless pipe 108*4.5mm in key domestic cities is 4588 yuan, which is the same as the previous trading day. Today, Changzhou Dongfang billet is raised by 20 yuan, and the ex-factory price of 10# hot-rolled billet is 4270 yuan, and the ex-factory price of 20# hot-rolled billet is 4170 yuan. The ex-factory price of seamless pipes from Panjin Pipe Factory is raised by 20-50 yuan today, of which the ex-factory price of 57*3.5mm is 4660 yuan, and the ex-factory price of 108*4.5mm is 4320 yuan.

In terms of the market, the quotations remained stable as a whole, and individual regions rose by 50 yuan, but the actual transaction volume fell. According to the feedback of traders, the market is weak in terms of the increase in pipe factories. On the one hand, there are still low-cost stocks circulating in various places, and the price increase is not competitive, which is not conducive to the shipment of seamless pipe traders. On the other hand, the market The demand has been weak, and the market price increase is much lower than that of the tube factory, mainly due to the actual transaction situation, so the merchants are less willing to increase prices. In summary, it is expected that the domestic seamless pipe market will remain stable and adjust within a narrow range in the near future.

Welded-plated pipes: From August 10 to the present weekend, Hebei mainstream pipe factory ex-factory price policy has risen from a decline to 20-40 yuan. The overall fundamentals are generally weak, and shipments are on demand; now Hebei mainstream pipe factory ex-factory price welded pipe 4 inches The transaction price of (3.75mm) is about 3880 yuan, and the transaction price of galvanized pipe is about 4600-4650 yuan. In terms of the market, the quotations in various regions partially followed the weak 10-20 yuan, and some merchants mainly sold inventory. The demand was generally followed up and stagnant. On the whole, black futures generally fell, and middlemen and terminals were cautious and wait-and-see sentiment gradually rose, but with the upward trend in the afternoon, raw material billets are expected to rise, and the cost of tube manufacturers is supported. The price is expected to be fine-tuned in the future or steady.

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Post time: Aug-13-2020
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