Steel demand in 2020

Market demand in the steel industry in 2019 is relatively good. That mainly due to the stable operation of downstream industries, such as infrastructure and real estate. But the development of each industry is not the same. Among them, the investment in the infrastructure industry has maintained a slow and steady growth. Also real estate investment and new construction have maintained a relatively high rate. The machinery industry is operating steadily. The automotive industry continues to be in a downturn.The three major indicators of the shipbuilding industry have fallen by two, and the home appliance industry has maintained a growth trend, and the container industry has fallen into a downturn

In 2020, the performance of major downstream steel industries will continue to diverge. Among them, infrastructure investment will increase, the growth rate of real estate investment and new construction may slow down, the home appliance industry will maintain steady growth, and some sub-sectors of the automobile, shipbuilding, container and machinery industries may experience negative growth. But overall, steel demand is expected to increase slightly, reaching 890 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 2%.

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Post time: Aug-03-2020
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