Shanxi: Construction steel failed detection rate of 2%

Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce organized the implementation of quality inspection of construction steel products in the circulation field and found that the quality of the hot-rolled ribbed steel bars (specification type: HRB400E φ12mm) produced by Xinshan Special Steel Co., Ltd. in Xiangfen County was unqualified. The main unqualified items were Weight deviation.

It is reported that the sampling of a total of 17 units from a nominal randomly selected 22 production of construction steel products produced 55 groups, after the initial inspection and re-examination, found a group of unqualified, non-conforming product detection rate of 2% .

Shaanxi Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau remind consumers to buy steel construction should pay attention to the following points:

Check the surface quality, finish and color of the reinforcement. Reinforced steel surface should be smooth and tidy, uniform color, bright and uniform dark blue gray, no cracks, scarring and folding and other visible defects, steel end surface should be basically round. Poor quality tendons end face is oval, uneven surface color, uneven, and even scarring, cracking, folding and other defects produced by the rolling of iron oxide dander by knocking or wiping off.

Check the signs, signs and quality certificates of reinforcement. Steel surface should be rolled with a mark, but also followed by a rolling mill name (or trademark) and diameter (mm) figures. According to the standard provisions of bundles of steel reinforcement should be hung signs, signs should be marked on the business name, product name, implementation of standards, product brands, specifications, batch number and other content, and indicate the production license number and QS mark. According to the standard, the product shall be accompanied by a certificate of quality. The main contents include the name of the enterprise, trademark, product name, execution standard, product brand, specification, batch number, weight, test data of product performance, , Address and other content, and stamped with quality certification special seal. Regular enterprises of steel packaging, signs, signs and quality certificates should be complete, complete, consistent, small package or bulk, no metal signs, no quality certificate of the best not to buy steel.

Check the size of the bar. Available vernier caliper simple measurement, calculate the diameter of steel, diameter, transverse rib height, transverse rib spacing. Regular size and allowable deviation of the production of steel should be within the scope of the standard requirements, horizontal ribs (crescent ribs) uniform, vertical rib height appropriate, and the diameter of the bar to match, and some informal enterprises in the product, the outer diameter is small, Transverse ribs significantly lower.

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Post time: Feb-26-2018
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