Seamless Steel Galvanizing Time and Temperature

From the conventional test and production practice can be sure that the temperature of liquid zinc galvanized seamless steel pipe to control the optimum temperature is in the range of 450 460′C. When the temperature is high, heat consumption will increase, shortening the life of steel zinc pot, accelerate dross and zinc ash generation, affecting the quality of galvanized Gok silkworm nursery plastic layer. When the temperature is low, it will affect the ability of seamless steel tubes galvanrzed and zinc was due to reduced mobility of the zinc layer stacked thick uneven.
Experienced workers are galvanized by hot dip galvanizing reactions observed phenomenon to control the dip coating time: “The seamless steel pipe into the zincate solution until the ‘boiling’ behavior stops, then do not delay to immediately put forward, so you can get zinc layer thickness “required for most applications. Most studies show that the pure zinc layer below the zinc-iron alloy layer thickness and dip zinc to time, and the thickness of the layer of pure zinc and seamless steel raised speed. Some production for many years of high-voltage tower factory, metal structure factory, galvanized steel and auto parts factory hot dip galvanizing plant zinc processing time is usually 30 〜60s.

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Post time: Nov-18-2020
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