Measures of avoid 3 PE Coating Pipe End Become Warped Edge

1,In the condition of not effect the process of pipe welding, should be appropriate to increase the reserved length, epoxy powder end of polyethylene layer can be prevented because of steel pipe pile up for a long time, pipe metal corrosion caused by severe 3 PE anticorrosive become warped edge.
2,Anticorrosive pipe for a long time, deposited m the open air shall be covered m the pipe, prevent the rain erosion, causing severe corrosion pipe end.
3,if the pipeline field construction cycle is long, can besmear brushs weldable anti-rust paint tube bare metal, to prevent corrosion pipe caused by corrosion during storage of 3 PE coating become warped edge.
More than 4, strict control of tube end reserved in weld grinding with high quality. Polyethylene in weld slope outlets and the rest of the pipe body, make the epoxy powder reserved length > 20 mm, in order to prevent the welds epoxy powder at the bottom of the corrosion caused by the first 3 PE anticorrosion layer become warped edge.

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Post time: Nov-19-2020
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