Latin America will intensify cooperation in the steeland building materials industries

The recent spate of good manufacturing, the State Council issued a document to promote international co-production and equipment manufacturing, as well as “Made in China 2050″ development; first visit to Latin America’s premier Li Keqiang also makes “two-ocean railway” project hot. Development and Reform Commission yesterday in the “energy guidance on promoting international cooperation in the production and equipment manufacturing” policy interpretation of the meeting said, in the past, drawing more areas of cooperation in energy, mining, infrastructure construction, the high visit will negotiate with major Latin American countries, In the iron and steel, machinery, textile, building materials and other industries to increase cooperation in efforts to implement a number of key projects of production cooperation.

It is reported that with Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, the four countries will sign two memoranda of understanding related to international cooperation capacity, improve cooperation mechanisms at the governmental level. High-speed rail to go to provide a good example for international cooperation in domestic capacity, the NDRC data show that China’s high-speed railway is completed mileage of 16,000 km, built more than 10,000 kilometers. Gu Dawei equipment manufacturing industry to the next to go, described as “seize the initiative” decision of the world economic adjustment period.

In this regard, Bank of China International Finance Research Institute researcher Gao Wei said, out of the international cooperation to manufacturing and production capacity, is intended to support superior domestic enterprises to participate in international division of labor and competition, supporting the formation of medium and small enterprises to promote the healthy development of the situation in the manufacturing sector. This would make a number of domestic companies and brands with global influence, the next ten years, the manufacturing sector will grow from a number of key areas we have core technology and competitiveness of large multinational corporations.

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Post time: Aug-12-2017
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