India will lead global coal demand growth by 2022

In China, North America and Europe, coal may no longer be favored, but India and other Asian countries will ensure that the dirtiest fossil fuels continue to supply more than a quarter of the world’s energy.

In its 2017 coal market report, the IEA said that coal use in many parts of the world continued to decline but was offset by continued growth in India, South-East Asia and several other smaller but rising coal nations today. Almost all of the coal consumption growth will be in the field of power generation.

Citing data from the International Energy Agency, cable networks show global consumption will rise by 05% by 2022, similar to the forecast for fuel demand last year.

The report states that the five countries with the highest growth rates are Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, which already have many coal-fired power plants under construction. In particular, India will add 13.5 billion tons of coal within five years, or about 25% of global demand last year.

“I think by 2030 we will see India’s coal and coal power rates grow at the same rate,” said Susheel Kumar, the Indian coal minister, in a report Monday. “Our goal is to increase our domestic coal production by at least In 2050, fuel will remain the mainstay of India’s energy sector. ”

In Europe, the outlook for coal is “gloomy.” Poland and Germany remain the largest consumers of fuel in the EU, accounting for more than half of the EU’s demand. Although demand in Poland will remain stable by 2022, demand in Germany will decline even as countries gradually phase out nuclear power plants. European hard coal production outside Europe will fall to “insignificant” levels by 2022.

US coal demand may also continue to decline. Although President Trump’s mining policy helps to restore demand this year, it will again slip at 09% a year by 2022. The agency predicts that the share of coal in the global energy mix will decrease from 27% in 2016 to 26% in 2022.

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Post time: Jan-02-2018
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