How to Control Quality Standards of Longitudinal Welding Steel Pipe

Straight seam welded pipe quality control well can be safely carried out production operations, but also to protect the personal safety of the operator inevitable elements. The main application areas for large-span Wangjiagongcheng, building steel structure engineering, electricity and EHV transmission and distribution engineering, mechanical engineering, Bridge, bridge (railway stations, airports, stadiums steel works), municipal pipe network, foundation piling, water, gas pipeline and road construction and other facilities.
1,According to welding procedure specifications wire and flux review is correct, to prevent misuse of welding wire and flux caused by the quality of the accident.
2,To supervise welding environment, take appropriate measures after welding when welding environment is not good (temperature below 0 °C, relative humidity greater than 90%) should be.
3,Before the pretest before welding groove dimensions, including space, blunt edge, and whether the angle and the wrong port meet the technical requirements.
4,Inside and outside the submerged arc welding process selected welding current, welding voltage, welding speed and other parameters are correct.
5,Supervision and automatic submerged arc welding personnel at the inner and outer welded steel pipe full advantage of the end plate arc length, strengthen the efficiency of the welding arc when the inner and outer plates, which helps to improve the quality of welding the pipe ends.
6,Welding supervision personnel in the first welding slag whether clean, whether you’ve completely processed joint groove at whether there is oil, rust, slag, water, paint and other contaminants.

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Post time: Jan-20-2021
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