How to choose high quality straight seam welded pipe

When choosing a straight seam steel pipe, we must first pay attention to the material. When we inspect the goods, we must first determine whether the material is qualified. The second is to see if the wall thickness of the straight seam steel pipe reaches the required wall thickness. Whether the tolerance is within the national requirements. Thirdly, it depends on the surface of the steel pipe, whether there is rust and the degree of rust. Generally yellow rust is no problem. Generally yellow rust is a layer of floating rust, and the red rust is slightly more serious, but it can also be used in some less strict projects after annealing. Use, but if it is black rust, it means that this pipe can only sell scrap iron.
Also, we need to see if there is oil on the surface of the steel pipe, because the straight seam steel pipe may be stained with oil on the unit during the production process. Finally, we need to see whether the cross-section of the two ends of the pipe is round or has irregular extrusion. Also look for glitches. If the steel pipes pass through the above-mentioned strict inspection methods, then the pipe is qualified.

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Post time: Jan-14-2020
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