Global coal demand slows down to welcome opportunities

According to the report of the International Energy Agency, the amount of coal was 5.3 billion tons in 2016, a year-on-year slowdown. Each country in each country reduced its coal consumption and the global coal demand has been the slowest in nearly three years.

What are the new signs of the coal market? First, the global coal consumption slowed down and the demand in the United States and Europe continued to decrease. India is the fast-growing coal market in Asia. Energy market development is better, the market demand for traditional coal to reduce, while the development of solar energy technology to speed up. Second, electricity demand is declining. All countries gradually optimize and upgrade energy companies by promoting energy efficiency and developing renewable energy. Some coal-fired power plants in the United Kingdom have reduced their output, European countries have developed solar energy and imported electricity from Europe is even better. For the first time last year, the U.S. market made coal the number one source of electricity, with demand expected to continue to decline over the next five years. Third, our country’s coal market, medium and long-term industries benefit from supply-side reform, business optimization and energy efficiency, state-owned enterprise reform dividend, the coal industry valuation is relatively low, the demand for improvement and corporate profits to enhance stock prices.

What are the opportunities in the market? First, the global demand for coal has been reduced. The coal consumption center has shifted from the European and American markets to the Asian markets. The coal consumption in the Asia Pacific market has exceeded 70% of the global total. The market for coal imports in the Asian market is relatively stable to the demand for coal and the global economy is recovering strongly. New power plant project in Asia, the Asian coal market demand to promote the global market. Second, with the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization in Asia, the demand for coal has increased. Coal-fired enterprises in Europe and the United States need the coal consumers in Asia more. According to the World Energy Outlook, Asia’s shift from coal exports, and our consumption in China’s coal market, will drive the global coal market. Third, the development of new energy technologies, solar energy to replace traditional coal fuel, electric vehicles, solar water heaters, etc., buildings, office buildings, residential quarters, more and more green, more and more environmentally friendly. Fourth, energy conservation and emission reduction to promote enterprises to speed up technological innovation, reduce energy consumption of coal, the same amount of fuel can produce more heat or power to provide electricity and other enterprises with fuel-powered, global coal demand decreased, it may be new energy Demand growth. Fifth, enterprises optimize and upgrade. Enterprises reduce profitability by lowering costs. Supply-side reform promotes optimization and upgrading of enterprises. Enterprises use coal or coal to improve their overall efficiency, energy efficiency and profitability.

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Post time: Dec-20-2017
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