Focus on | Under the epidemic, where are the opportunities for the development of the billet industry?

With the spread of the novel corona virus pneumonia epidemic, the black series has weakened as a whole. After the market opened on February 3, the black series of futures collectively fell to the limit. The overall market was strong and the trading was light. Before the official opening of the Tangshan billet spot market, there was a drop of nearly 300 yuan. As of today, boosted by futures, the spot market has stopped falling and rebounded, but the extent is limited. The closing price of today’s billet swap is 3,070 yuan/ton, which is 23 yuan lower than yesterday’s settlement price; the billet spot market is 3100-3080 yuan/ton, the 30-day forward billet is 3100-3120 yuan/ton, and the 60-day forward billet is 3120 yuan/ton. . The uncertainty of the current form of the epidemic has caused great distress in the investment decisions of the traditional real industry in the beginning of 2020. In the face of downward pressure on the economic environment, how the billet industry breaks out of the siege has become a hot topic of consideration among you and me in isolation.

Rizhao Dashang Center’s billet swap transaction has made excellent results in 5 months since its listing on August 1, 2019. This model fills the gap in the market, realizes the upgrade of the spot industry trading system, provides a safe, fair, transparent, and efficient billet mid-to-forward spot trading platform for various market participants, and solves the capital and cargo risks faced in the transaction process. It has enriched futures and spot trading strategies, and is well received by spot traders and various futures companies for the purpose of settlement. Since its launch, the online transaction volume has been steadily increasing, attracting the active participation of all parties in the market. In just a few months, the billet swap trading position peaked at 1.6 million tons and the average daily transaction volume was about 200,000 tons. Over 800,000 tons have been settled.

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Post time: Sep-17-2020
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