Difference between Hot Galvanized and Cold Galvanized

Hot galvanized is at a high temperature to melt the zinc in put some supplementary material, then dipped galvanizing bath metal structure so attached to a layer of zinc coating on the metal components. Hot galvanized has the advantage of his ant-corrosion ability, zinc coating adhesion and hardness better.
Cold-galvanized is the use of the electrolytic apparatus of the workpiece after degreasing, pickling ingredients into a zinc salt solution, and a cathode connected to the electrolysis device; zinc electrolysis equipment is placed opposite the connection plate workpiece positive, power, the use of current from the positive electrode to the negative electrode of the directional movement, it will deposit a layer of zinc on the workpiece.
Hot galvanized is chemically treated, are electrochemical reaction.
Cold galvanized is a physical treatment, just brush the surface layer of zinc, easy to fall off. Hot dip galvanized is widely used in building construction. Continuous hot dip galvanizing process: steel galvanized → heating → cooled to a temperature → galvanized → cooling.
Hot galvanized steel is workpieces through the rust, showing no pollution, invasive surface, immediately immersed into a pre-heated to melt the zinc plating bath to a layer of zinc plating method in the workpiece surface.
Cold galvanized sucked through the rust, showing no pollution, invasive artifacts linked into the plating tank specialized in the cathode, anode with zinc. DC power supply is turned on, the anode zinc ions migrate to the cathode, and the discharge on the cathode, the workpiece coated with a zinc layer.

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Post time: Oct-10-2019
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