Comparison of galvanized spiral steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe and galvanized seamless steel pipe

1.Welding process
From the welding process, the welding method of galvanized spiral welded pipe and galvanized straight seam steel pipe are the same, but the straight seam welded pipe inevitably has many T-shaped welds, so the occurrence of welding defects is also greatly improved. Moreover; the welding residual stress at the defect is large, which increases the possibility of cracks.

2.Static blasting strength
Through the relevant comparative tests, it is verified that the yield pressure and burst pressure of the spiral welded pipe and the straight welded pipe are basically consistent with the measured value and the theoretical value, and the deviation is close. But v/hether it is yield pressure or burst pressure, spiral welded pipe is lower than straight welded pipe.

3.Toughness and fatigue strength
The trend of pipeline development is large diameter and high strength. According to the measurement results, the fatigue strength of the galvanized spiral welded pipe is the same as that of the galvanized seamless pipe and resistance welded pipe. The test data is distributed in the same area as the seamless pipe and resistance pipe, but higher than the general submerged arc straight seam welded pipe.

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Post time: Apr-28-2020
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