Cold Drawn Pipe

Cold drawn pipe is 6 different classification according to their production process, different from the hot-rolled (expanded) pipe. In raw wool tube or pipe through the process of expanding the multi-pass cold drawing processing, usually In 0.5 ~ 100T single chain or double chain drawing machine.
Cold-rolled steel unit is cold the entire process for the production of pipe and equipment combination with cold-rolled, cold-drawn or cold-rolled and cold d*awn combination of the hot-rolled welded pipe or tube depth processing units. Unit production features cold tube is a tube from the material into the processed into finished usually after several cold deformation and work hardening occurs, and thus the entire production process by the preparing step and a plurality of deformation step, and having the characteristics of a reciprocating cycle, and thus multiple step long production cycle, large metal consumption, low productivity, production scale is generally not large.
Based on the processing properties of the metal, pipe size, quality requirements as well as investment and benefits to choose different processing methods and the corresponding auxiliary processes. The basic process of cold-drawn tube are: (1) the supply of pipe material, pipe material used for hot-rolled tubes or semi-finished tubes, squeeze tubes and welded pipe; (2) pipe material preparation, including checking, bale, adds wash, wash, rinse, and, drying, coating lubricants; (3) cold (cold-rolled or cold drawn); (4) finished finished finishing including heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cut the head and tail, checking (manual inspection and various testing), hydrostatic testing, oiled, packaging, storage and so on. Finishing the content of different products vary.

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Post time: Oct-27-2020
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