China Minmetals: Global mining demand will remain high this year

China Minmetals Corporation has analyzed the development trend of the industry recently. It believes that the global mining demand will remain at a high level this year. The supply of major varieties is slightly less than demand, but due to the increase of economic uncertainty, the adjustment of the price of mining products will be phased. Increase, the trend of key varieties will appear.
This is the information the reporter learned at the annual work meeting held by the largest metal mining enterprise group in China.
Guo Wenqing, general manager of China Minmetals, focused on analyzing the market prospects of the steel industry. He said that China’s steel industry has entered a critical period of deep adjustment, industry concentration will be further enhanced, capacity replacement, green, intelligent and “going out” demand is urgent. “The imbalance between the layout and development of the global steel industry has brought about huge market opportunities, and it has also raised new and higher requirements for technological innovation, operation models and service models.”
According to him, aiming at the goal of “building a world-class metal mining enterprise group”, Minmetals should continue to adhere to its strategic leadership in 2019, do a good job in strengthening the operation and development of green mines, deeply integrate into the large-scale opening up, and focus on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Application and other aspects of work.
In fact, in recent years, China Minmetals has continuously focused on core industries such as metal mining, especially seized the opportunity of reorganization and integration with MCC Group, the world’s largest metallurgical construction and operation service provider, and continuously strengthened the business portfolio of the entire industry chain to enable enterprise development. More power and greater toughness.
It is understood that China Minmetals has rich reserves of metal mineral resources. At present, resources such as copper, zinc and nickel have entered the world’s first echelon. The resources of tungsten, thorium and thorium rank first in the world. In 2018, Minmetals relies on “resources + trade”. Synergistic efforts to significantly increase the scale of the mineral products business, the annual copper concentrate trade volume exceeded 1 million tons.

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Post time: Jan-18-2019
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