Carbon Steel Pipe VS Galvanized Steel Pipe

The carbon steel pipe is generally divided Into two kinds: structural carbon steel pipe and toil carbon steel pipe. For the former one, it is mainly used in the manufacture of various mechanical parts and engineering components, Its carbon content is generally less than 0.70%. While for the latter one, it is mainly used in the manufacture of various tools, mold and measuring tools, etc., and the carbon content is generally greater than 0.70%.
But no matter for the structural carbon steel pipe or the tool carbon steel pipe, they are all very easy to be corroded in wet and corrosive environments, so the surface of carbon steel pipe usually needs to be processed, the main processing are galvanizing, plastic and coating, anti-corrosion paint brush etc. Among of them, the galvanized steel pipe is the most easiest and widely used anti-corrosion steel pipe. It can increase the life time of the carbon steel pipe and save the maintenance costs efficiently.

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Post time: Jan-27-2021
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