Features and Uses of Small Caliber SSAW Steel Pipe

Steel pipe subjected to internal pressure, typically within the wall on the 2 main application of force, the radial stress ƀY and axial stress ƀX. Weld resultant stress ƀ = ƀY (l/4sin2α + cos2α) 1/2, which, α is that the angle of the SSAW steel pipe. The angle of the spiral weld pipe is usually 50-75 degrees, that the
spiral weld massive resultant stress, within the same work beneath the pressure of constant diameter spiral welded pipe wall thickness may be reduced lots, spiral pipe plant may be created into a tiny low caliber, though tiny caliber SSAW steel pipe is tiny, its perform could be a heap, therefore what the options and uses of small caliber SSAW steel pipe are?
Features of small-diameter SSAW steel pipe:
SSAW steel pipe will use material to make a bigger pipe diameter pipe, it may also use constant dimension of preform body to product pipes with completely different diameter. Its production method is straightforward, however it’s high production potency. However, compared with constant LSAW steel pipe, the length of weld seam is increased by half-hour to 100%, and its production rate is low. Therefore, the smaller diameter of the steel pipe principally use straight fastening, massive diameter welded pipes principally use spiral welded pipe.
Uses of small-diameter SSAW steel pipe:
SSAW steel pipe is employed for the structure: column pipe, bridge beam, the pipe for wharf, road, building structure so on. it’s principally employed in water engineering, organic compound trade, industry, power trade, agricultural irrigation, urban construction, and it’s one among the twenty key merchandise for the event of China, it’s used for liquid delivery: facility, drainage, it’s used for gas transmission: gas, steam, liquefied crude oil gas.

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