• Water treatment
    Post time: Aug-03-2017

    Including sewage treatment and drinking water treatment handle both. The steel pipes we produced are mainly used in the field, and all year round for many renowned international companies supply a large water pipe. Veolia As a world-renowned enterprise groups, a large number of annual procurement...Read more »

  • Oil
    Post time: Aug-03-2017

    Oil as a raw material, is widely used in various industries. Mining and transportation of oil requires a lot of pipes and fittings. Shanghai Top Steel Co., Ltd. as a professional pipe and fittings manufacturer and supplier, strictly in accordance with international standards of production line p...Read more »

  • Energy
    Post time: Aug-03-2017

    Whether primary energy (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) or secondary energy (electricity, etc.) are inseparable from its delivery pipe and fittings. Different energy needs to transport through different channels. Shanghai Top Steel Co., Ltd. as a professional pipe manufacturer, according to the ac...Read more »

  • Construction
    Post time: Aug-03-2017

    Important buildings is an important part of the city, it is a city of unique art. For safety, secure, durable and convenient for people living buildings during construction will use a lot of steel and pipes. Shanghai Top Steel Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer, its products are widely ava...Read more »

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